Aries psychic tarot reading for february 2020 by pam georgel

Good morning! It seems as if there has been a glitch in the Cosmos and many people may find themselves feeling quite scattered in their emotions and in their thinking. Putting a lot of effort and energy into your family or work is highlighted. For some of you, family issues or situations from the past may be brought up and discussed or dealt with again. It's a feeling of repeating something, and it's happening strongly for the next 2 weeks.

Tensions get higher as there are many who may feel that their rights are getting taken away from them, or getting seriously infringed upon. Some of you may do some research and seeking clarification on some recent news coming to you in your own personal life or out in the world.

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What you come to learn will impact your decisions over the course of the next few months. This is a good time NOT to hold back on what you want to say, as it will result in a mirror effect. What you release out to others will be reflected back to you with useful and helpful insights and information. Those of you that have been waiting for some kind of reimbursement or payment of some kind - it will be coming within the next 5 to 7 days. Jealousy or envy may kick up in a partner or someone close to you, so be wary of that, as you do not want to fan the flames of that energy, so it's wise to stay clear of anyone displaying those emotions now, as it is an exercise in futility This person has to work out those issues themselves and nothing you can do will really change it.

Passing important tests and exams are highlighted now. There are many who will be looking into classes of some sort, and new areas to study as well that energy lasts between now and the end of January. Be open and receptive to information.

Gather facts so that you can make a decision that is in line with you integrity. Your mind may be cluttered with too many things, and this could be clouding the process of decision making, and also recei Doing things to clear your mind such as long walks, exercise, and meditation will help with that, and make you a better receiver of information, messages, and knowledge.

Be wary of those whom would seek to derail your progress by falsifying information, which could lead you in the wrong direction. Pay attention to your gut instincts and intuition when feelings arise that make you unsure of someone. Trusting your higher-self and intuition is wise, as well as asking for messages and signs to be given to you by your Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides, which can come easily through to you in dreams, signs, synchronicities, and serendipitous situations.

Giving up fear and also the need to control outcomes is also key to get the results you want, and helps to actually pay attention and really "hear" the messages coming to you. You may not like some of the messages you here, which may cause you to block it and not get the warnings, instructions, and advice being given to you.

It's all part of the process of why you've incarnated on the planet at this time. There's a great deal of shake up energy that will be affecting Earth and its people over the next 2 to 3 months. Good Morning to all! In these my Guides give messages and predictions for each astrological sign, as to what effects you may expect from the energies from this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, December You can access them by clicking on this link:.

I wish you a fantastic rest of November, filled with happiness, peace and abundance! Good morning to all!

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It can also indicate higher education and higher learning. Need to conform or be socially approved. You need to feel good about what you're doing. If your work, career, or a life, is not speaking to your higher purpose, then you will be making chan Take time to educate yourself on broader themes and what will make you happy. Structures in your life are going to be changing now and going through revision.

For many this will come about over the course of the next 9 weeks or 9 months. Preparedness is the key before you take action steps. So listening to audio books, seminars, lecture series and speakers who have wisdom and knowledge involving your new endeavors or mindset, will be of paramount importance to help you on this road of change, and get you to where you want to be. It's also very important now to try to make connections and listen to your Spirit Guides, and get help from them through their messages and signs.

It's also important to log any impressions, messages, and ideas you get, as these will be helpful for you to ponder and reflect on over this 9 week or month time period. This is why journaling will be very important and helpful. Take the approach of - where you would like to see your life in 5 years, and get started paving the path way to those goals, both on a professional and personal level, as the energies over the next 3 months will be greatly supporting your goals, dreams, visions and efforts. In love and light! Hi and Good Morning to all! Taurusfullmoon f Good morning and happy Saturday!

This may become evident to you through what is getting played out in your dreams, or in flashes of insight and light - bulb moments. Anything that comes across to you as useless information right now, you may find yourself discarding it quickly, as your ability to separate the Some of you may experience someone come out of the blue and surprise you with something unexpected they say to you, or the person them self may be unexpected as well. Doing things backwards or in an opposite manner may actually turn out the best ways to get tedious tasks done now, or you may notice you start to tackle work projects from a different angles or directions than you normally would.

This seems to work out well. Desiring or reaching For your goals is indicated. Wanting to take work, business, or creative projects to a higher level may be a strong motivation for many this week, and going forward this month. Some of you may make deals or arrangements that are subject to change.

Some of you may feel like your life is starting to go through a period of reinvention and change. This can be work related, but for some it is involving personal transformations such as health or outward appearance. Love relationships may seem a bit elusive now, and this is not the best time to make any firm or long lasting decisions about love relationships.

Waterbaby Tarot Libra

Things in that area will more likely to get settled and were sorted out in January. Look at the apropos card I got today! Speak up with love, and be heard. My Guides and Mercury say: "What is it that's been festering inside you? You will learn some important information in the coming weeks. Many will have a decis Having patience is paramount at this time.

Waterbaby Tarot Libra

Communication is important, but without patience and good consciousness of thought, it may sound like emoting and rambling, which will not express what you truly want to say, and make you appear to others as off base - or unhinged. Diplomacy and tact are key. Keep statements that carry a heavy weight short, direct, and to the point. Thank you for all of your purchases of my Videos on Vimeo!

In these six card psychic tarot readings, I have asked my Spirit Guides to give me predictions and messages, focusing on love and romance for both single and couples, for each zodiac sign, covering a time period of up to a year out into the future. And for those who are single and unattached, I pulled three cards from the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck, which are both included in each video, for each sign of the zodiac. I hope these will be helpful and useful for you in the area of love and romance.

Thanks so much! Farmer, and also pulled a gemstone crystal from my purple velvet bag of gemstones, for each Zodiac sign. The messages I received using these Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards are geared around spiritual insights and guidance. There are also some predictive messages, but these readings are focusing more on broader soul - life themes to bring you awareness and healing.