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Also it features interactive display of dasha planets with full details and signification for ease of astrologers. It is used for studying financial astrology stocks and commodities.. Tools are a special feature invented and designed in Kundli Chakra software specially for astrologers and to study charts at any place in the program. Lets say, while studying Ashtakvarga worksheet, you want to see lagna chart or dasha?

Also it allows you to print particular pages in range like , ….

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Model printing allows you to print pages of your choice in book style either single page or dual page per sheet. You can also easily print double sided book style report without any special technical knowledge, i. Thus you can make your own printing models for printing reports. More, there is no need to follow the sequence that comes up in astrology softwares as the sequence of pages to print can also be changed using model printing facility, i. This program also allows printing of reports without header and footer.

You can even remove page numbers in printing. There is no requirement of any special or technical computer knowledge to design page. Page designer allows anyone to easily make your own page. As you can see below, we have combined various charts lagna chart, bhav spasht, shadbala graph, prastar char, ashtakvarga.. Similarly, you can make your own combination of charts and make your own page for professional usage. This feature allows you to define your own page size and design the page according to your requirement.

Import feature is specially designed to allow you import existing saved birth data so you no need to type all that again. We also provide support for importing many formats birth data saved using different softwares and convert it to use in Kundli Chakra easily. No need to keep scrolling pages. Directly change desired data quickly on same page. Freely store the birth data at any media or drive. Some of them are:. Divisional Charts, all at one place, further you can also change the charts in worksheet or can call dasha or other charts to study too, with it.

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Panchang worksheet with Geogrophical details, panchang, avakada chakra, hora, chaughadiya, rahukaal etc. Lahiri, B. Raman, K. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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JS Manual. Click Here to Download GJ 2. Getting Started 2. Goravani Jyotish Studio 3. Jyotish Studio 3. Windows JS 4. Jyotish Studio 4 Installer. Jyotish Studio 4. Without them, it would have taken way more time to achieve the goal amount. We will be going for the treatment at the end of the month. Appointments and lodgings are booked.

Goravani Jyotish - Free Goravani Jyotish Software Download

You, yes, you who are reading this and you who have donated for this cause, know that you are part of this HERO's journey. His victory is your victory. Sunil Bhaiya told us that the entire community is rooting for Das. That he can't believe the amount of outpouring prayers and love has been given here.

We had people who donated great amounts and those who donated anything they could spare. From students to professionals to Gurus.