Scorpio decans compatibility

I mean Im not stone faced or anything but sometimes I care and sometimes I dont. I think I might have leo in 11th house or something. I dont have time to make them break out of their shell and its really annoying. Or maybe the other guy isnt that popular but can still charm the girls and make them fall for them.

But yeah its really annoying. I do have a fragile heart also. Maybe I have some kind of mix. Experiencing new-found joys is a must for me. Always need to be trying new things. New countries.

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New food. New people. My best friend is a Scorpio 2. Scorpio 2 here, born November 9th and I can say thats true. Everything we feel is extremely intense and we have to develop that love for self that allows us to love care and be compassionate with ourselves. We have no problems loving others but inflict that self hate.

We are the eagle in representation when we deal with what we often go through in our past. We usually have martyr states where everything we do is just looked down upon, tarnished and trashed. This happens to strengthen our love of self. We are spiritual bit we also posess the business sharp focused mind of scorpio when we set in our heart to do something. There is so much depth to scorpio its uncanny. I cant even say it all but we need to remember that its cool if people dislike us.

Dont let our emotions get in the way of our brilliance learn to blance our emotionsl state and we will be less bedridden and dont procrastinate. I thinkCancers of the third decon are best for us because they teach us that orderly side. Scorpio 2 is most likely to have a deeply rooted love for organisation but find it difficult to carry out. Again our emotional state does more harm than good.