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The heavens, the ones where the stars and other assorted celestial objects are, were for a long time regarded as the place where the gods are, and the place from which directions are given and powers exerted for what takes place on earth. Aristotle said there is something beyond the bodies which are on earth, different and separate from them, and that the glory of this something grows greater as its distance from this world of ours increases.

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The primary body, he says, the one at the greatest distance from earth, is eternal and unchanging. For, Aristotle says confidently, surely there are gods, and they are immortal, and everyone agrees they are located in the highest place in the universe. He avers that the evidence of our senses tells us, at least with the certainty attainable by humans, that in the past, as far as our records reach meaning as far as the records he looked at seemed to him to reach no change has taken place in the outermost heavens.

So he concluded that the primary body is something beyond earth, air, fire and water, which, he believed, make up the sort of things and activities we find on earth. This primary body is called the aether, Aristotle says, because it runs forever.

Aristotle based his theory on the evidence of our senses. He says phenomena confirm his theory. He also says his theory confirms the phenomena. That is, predictions made with his 1 Aristotle B.

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Plato stated in his Timaeus that the aither is a fifth element, and was quite taken with the analogy betweenfive elements and the five regular solids, as was Johannes Kepler much later. He had an empirically based procedure, contrary to what some have said. Generously speaking, his failures appear often to have been due to lack of information, or incorrect interpretation of it; or to phenomena unnoticed or not examined closely enough; or to new stars if any were known to him and comets being regarded as being relatively near to our earth, perhaps because they showed change; or to insufficient knowledge of the chemical constitution of matter; and so on.

That celestial objects are alive wasn't a bad conjecture in the context of what was known, since they appear to be self-moving. It seemed obvious that this is a characteristic of living entities, although there are some quite sessile creatures. Other motions, then, such as flight of spears or running water, must be caused by some entity or entities, or forces, acting on them from outside of themselves. This suggests that birds and caterpillars, for example, can move themselves, without external motivation or incitement, when they are alive and in a mobile condition.

That the celestial objects are divine wasn't too bad a conjecture, either, given the overall regularity and permanence of many of them visible without instrumental aids, over periods of time which are long relative to human lives. When Aristotle associates the divine with the outer heavens, he doesn't actually say the outer heavens or the stars are gods. He says they are like gods by virtue of their unchanging nature. The living are born or sprout or otherwise come to be, are transformed or transform themselves, and eventually die or pass away or otherwise cease to exist.

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Mountains explode or wear down. Waters flood or dry up, spring from the earth or fall from above; when boiled usingfire water turns into air and when frozen water turns into a transparent form of earth the four basic elements in the theory of Empedocles and Aristotle are water, earth, fire and air. Only the stars appear permanent and unchanging, he says. But, he asks, are there any bodies which last forever in one form?

Those who believe there are immortal gods, says Aristotle, may be prepared to believe this too, and that the planets and stars are such bodies. The divinity and regularity of the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars were taken by many ancients as evidence that these celestial objects regulated or at least influenced various kinds of changes on earth.

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The objects were considered by some to be quite tyrannical, and to dictate events on earth. This extraterrestrial autocracy was taken to mean that one can make predictions about events on earth. If everything, or at least something, is dictated in advance, then it is reasonable to try to find out in advance what will happen. Success of prediction depends on events being completely or at least partly determined in advance of their happening. There was an association of the divinity and the regularity of celestial objects with what we may rather pedantically call astral determinism, the doctrine that some, at least, of the myriad changes on earth are dictated by stars and planets.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Crudely, the problem is to decide whether or not everything that happens is in some way determined in advance, and if so to find out as much as one can about how this happens and what will happen. This is notoriously possible in connection with movements of celestial objects themselves. The question is, how many and what kind of changes on earth are determined in advance, and who or what determines them?

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One may conjecture that that really big and bright object, the sun, together with that smaller and not as bright one, the moon, and the other quite tiny five planets known to the ancient Greeks, are among the entities responsible, or at least executors under the command of some superior council or executor? Connections between religion, astronomy, astrology and prediction are very ancient, no doubt prehistoric.

His description is based on a fresco on the wall of a tomb, known as the Tomb of the Augurs, which dates from B. Two priests are seen marking out the bounds of a holy area consisting of a square in which two medians were marked, one running from north to south and the other from east to west. The quarters of the square are also subdivided, and each resulting section is assigned to a particular deity.

The square is a kind of mirror of the heavens, since the divisions of the square correspond to a conceptual division of the sky. A priest could stand in the center of the square and with the help of a speci al staff determine in which zone of the square the direction of a celestial omen fell, hence which deity was sending the omen. Thus the holy area or templum constituted an observatory for determining positions of omens which could be used for predicting future events. The observations were a means of learning the will of the gods.

David Chandler writes: "In the mids …. Eleanor Moron began studying the dimensions of the temple7 in detail, convinced that these might contain the key to the way the temple had been encoded by the savants who designed it. After determining that the Cambodian measurement used at Angkor, the hat, was equivalent to approximately 0.

The distance came to 1, hat, and three other components of this axis measured, respectively, 1,,, and hat. The first of these, the Krita Yuga, was a supposedly golden age, lasting 1,, years. The next three ages lasted for 1,,, ,, and , years, respectively.

The earliest age, therefore, was four times longer than the latest, the second earliest, twice as long. The last age is the Kali Yuga, in which we are living today. At the end of this era, it is believed, the universe will be destroyed, to be rebuilt by Brahman along similar lines, beginning with another golden age. The distances that a person entering the temple will traverse coincide with the eras that the visitor is metaphorically living through en route to the statue of Vishnu in the central tower. Walking forward and away from the west, which is the direction of death, the visitor moves backward into time, approaching the moment when the Indians proposed that time began.

In her research, Moron also discovered astronomical correlations for ten of the most frequently occurring distances at Angkor Wat. Astronomers working with her found that the siting of the temple was related to the fact that its western gate aligned at sunrise with a small hill to the northeast, Phnom Bok.

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The learned pan dits who determined the dimensions of Angkor Wat would have been aware of and would have reveled in its multiplicity of meanings. To those lower down in the society, perhaps, fewer and fewer meanings would be clear. We can assume, however, that even the poorest slaves were astonished to see this enormous temple, probably with gilded towers rising 60 meters feet above the ground and above the thatched huts of the people who had built it.

This lining up of temples could serve utilitarian purposes. Ernst Zimmer reports that temples were aligned by the ancient Egyptians so they could be used as star clocks. Sun clocks were used for daytime measurement, and the Egyptians had water clocks which could be used day or night.

Bibliography of Astrology Page 142, Parker – Partridge, A. E.

However, they also determined the hours of the night by noting when certain constellations reached their highest point in the sky. In order to determine these zeniths, it was necessary to known where the meridian was. The process of determining these directions was depicted in exactly the same way on reliefs from the 4th millennium up to the birth of Christ. The process of observing the passage of the hours of the night required two such observers, aligned along the meridian.

These examples show ways stars were connected to prediction and time -keeping. People have tried to predict the future in many ways besides observing stars. Seneca says of the 8 Suryavarman commissioned the building of Angkor Wat.

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Vishnu, in the Hindu triad of main gods, is, among other things, the preserver of the universe. The other two members of the triad are Brahma, the creator, and Shiva, the destroyer. And then, of course, there are Stonehenge and other European stone circles and the like, the alleged alignment of the Egyptian pyramids, and so on and on. We the Romans , Seneca says, think that because clouds collide, lightning is emitted; they the Etruscans think the clouds collide so lightning will be emitted. In this way, they say, the gods can send messages to humans about what is destined to happen.

Sometimes visions of the future were read in bowls of water.